Naturopathic Therapies

Prolozone Therapy

Prolozone therapy is an efficient and effective connective tissue injection therapy for pain, injury, and damaged or weakened connective tissue in and around joints. For example, this treatment will help to regenerate tissue from an injury or wear and tear to the knees, shoulder, hips, spine, wrists, fingers, and any other joint. read more

IV Nutritional Therapy (Intravenous Therapy)

IV Therapy introduces a high concentration of nutrients into the cell to regenerate the cells and tissue of the body and to stimulate detoxification. read more


Fundamental to our health, nutrition is the foundation for our growth, creativity, prosperity, and mental and emotional health. With proper dietary guidance, most health complaints improve and future problems can be prevented. read more

Bio-Identical Hormone Therapy

In the past 20-30 years research studies have validated saliva as a diagnostic medium to measure the free or “unbound” biologically-active portion of hormones in the bloodstream. These are the bio-available hormones, doing their job at the cellular level and the ones you want to know about when testing your hormone levels. read more

NeuroCranial Restructuring®

By moving the bones of the skull, the head becomes properly balanced on the spine. The results are often dramatic. The body must support the head on top of the spine even if the head tends to jut forward, to the side, or backwards. Spinal muscles can pull the spine out of place while supporting the offset skull. If this imbalance causes discomfort, the body still prefers stability to symmetry. read more

Testosterone Therapy For Men

On November 12, 2003, the Institute of Medicine, a government-supported nonprofit organization, issued a news release announcing the publication of a book entitled Testosterone and Aging.

The news release stated that after careful evaluation of the pros and cons of conducting a large-scale clinical study of testosterone therapy to treat age-related conditions in men, an expert committee recommended going forward with smaller-scale trials. read more

Heavy Metal Detoxification

Review the frequency of symptoms table from mercury amalgam (silver) fillings with Toxic Elements Research Foundation, Colorado Springs, Colorado. read more


Dr. Cole teaches simple techniques that can be done at home to heal or prevent an illness. Hydrotherapy can be effective for lung infection, joint swelling and injuries, immune building, healing colds and flu, reducing fevers, etc. read more


Dr. Cole was trained in manipulation in his four years of medical school and continues to use spinal manipulation in his practice. He studied with chiropractors, osteopathic doctors, naturopathic doctors and assorted body workers to develop the style and techniques he uses today. read more

Wilson’s Temperature Syndrome

Classically, Wilson’s Temperature Syndrome is:
A persistent but reversible slowing of the metabolism often brought on by the stress of illness, injury, or emotional trauma.
Often worsened in stages with subsequent stress.
Characterized by a low body temperature and classic low-thyroid-like symptoms.
Often corrected with a special thyroid treatment even though thyroid blood tests are often in the normal range. read more

Naturopathic medicine is the treatment and prevention of disease with the use of natural therapies, and it views the body as a dynamic organism capable of healing itself when given the proper environment.


Dear Dr. Cole:
You provide freedom.
By empowering me to regain my health, Dr. Cole, you have provided a path to freedom for me. I want to acknowledge how grateful I am and to recognize you for your many gifts.
I first came to you 3 months ago feeling "fuzzy, fat and fatigued." Many things that I have taken for granted over the last 20+ years are no longer an issue. For example, after 40 years of dandruff, it is gone; and it wasn’t anything that I was aiming for…My hair has stopped falling out. I can tolerate heat and exercise when it is warm outside so I am not limited to hiking in the early hours. I am able to tolerate some sunshine without getting itchy bumps. I no longer experience the 3:00 to 5:00 o'clock slump. My restless leg syndrome is 95% diminished. I love being free of these limitations.

Now, I am 60% toward my weight target. I sleep like a baby. I am exuberant! I am highly productive, making connections, able to concentrate, extending my network. I am calm and responsive, less reactive. In addition to hiking, now swimming is on my schedule and horse-back riding is next! I love enjoying life in a creature body...

My life looks and feels very different than when we first started working together. I am very grateful to have your support as I return to an enjoyable quality of life.
Thank you, thank you, thank You!