NeuroCranial Restructuring® NCR

Is it possible to…?

  • Stop TMJ pain
  • Change the shape of your face
  • Relieve chronic sinus congestion
  • Stop snoring
  • Eliminate headaches & migraines
  • Stop depression
  • Align your spine once and for all
 The answer to all of the above and even more is a resounding “YES” thanks to a cutting edge therapy called NeuroCranial Restructuring®.

NCR® Moves The Cranial Bones

By moving the bones of the skull, the head becomes properly balanced on the spine. The results are often dramatic. The body must support the head on top of the spine even if the head tends to jut forward, to the side, or backwards. Spinal muscles can pull the spine out of place while supporting the offset skull. If this imbalance causes discomfort, the body still prefers stability to symmetry. The result can be muscular spasm and pain. With NCR the head and entire spine move toward their original design.

Improvements are seen in chronic back pain, TMJ, scoliosis, vertigo, tinnitus as well as many other health problems. Because the technique involves the nasal passages, benefits are also seen in sleep apnea, snoring, deviated septum, and chronic sinusitis.

The Procedure

The therapy is given in four consecutive treatments over a four day period. It starts with an evaluation to assess postural asymmetry. NCR massage is then performed to begin the structural release. The trained NCR® doctor uses testing to determine which areas of the skull need to be released. A small balloon is next inserted inside the nasal passage and briefly inflated. This brief pressure opens the nasal passages and pushes against the sphenoid. All of the bones in the skull pivot on the centrally located sphenoid bone.

As the skull expands and the connective tissues around the brain and spinal cord release their tension, the skull is positioned over the spine and begins shifting to a more stable, symmetrical shape. This creates lasting results in the spine, nervous system, face, and nasal passages.

Facial Symmetry is Restored

Outwardly, NCR® treatments allow the bones of the skull to expand and remodel allowing the cheekbones to rise and widen. The more prominent cheekbones smooth out wrinkles, and the fine lines around the eyes also disappear. Eyes that are sunken come forward and appear more attractive and prominent. Facial symmetry is restored resulting in a more natural, balanced appearance. This powerful therapy has even been used to create striking changes in the appearance of movie stars.

Orthodontists have noted that NCR® therapy speeds the treatment of overbite, underbite, crooked and overlapping teeth, and widens the palate.

NCR® is an effective treatment for head trauma and migraines.

Some of the many conditions improved with NeuroCranial Restructuring®

  • Migraines
  • Chronic Back Pain
  • Headaches
  • Orthodontic Stress
  • TMJ
  • Sleep Apnea
  • Snoring
  • Scoliosis
  • Vertigo
  • Tinnitus
  • Head Trauma
  • Seizures
  • Vision Disorders
  • Anxiety
  • Ear Problems
  • Foot Pain
  • Multiple Sclerosis


I am pleased to report, on benefits that have occurred due to NeuroCranial Restructuring treatment from Dr. Boyer Cole. My main intention for undertaking this procedure was to improve my TMJ symptoms which had been quite severe, daily for about a dozen years.
I'd tried numerous approaches in including, body work, cranial therapy, acupuncture, and topical clay. After the first NCR treatment I quickly noticed that my TMJ symptoms were substantially less. I thought "that this is too good to be true and that it might return" but the benefit continued. I then repeated the treatment, to explore other potential gains. Presently and since the second treatment (about 6 months) my TMJ symptoms are much reduced to the point where they do not impinge on my quality of life. I'm greatly appreciative and encourage others to try this remarkable therapy. My posture has improved as well.
Stephen Levine, PhD

I very rarely feel compelled to post to Yelp. I am unable to show my overflowing gratitude in anymore ways. If I could give Dr. Cole 10 stars I would.
He is knowledgeable, thorough, patient and easy to speak with. I suffer(ed) from migraine headaches for most of my adult life and have tried everything Western to Eastern to try to remedy my affliction. I was introduced to Dr Cole through another Naturopath who told me that Dr. Cole may be able to help me with NCR. I visited Dr. Cole 4 times in July and have not suffered one migraine and it is almost November! Truly a miracle. I am so grateful for the treatment and the fine work that Dr. Cole and his lovely partner are doing.

A legend in his own time is the first statement that comes to mind. Migraine free for (4) years now after my treatment with Dr. Cole.
I began having Migraines by the age of 12, not your ordinary migraines, but what they now call Neurological Migraines. This meant that: Symptoms started with black spots in the vision area, left arm going numb, the numbness would continue its path until the entire left side of the body would go numb, including my tongue. This would impair my speech, balance, thought process etc. And then the PAIN. It was the Demon.

The headaches were completely debilitating and the onset could happen at any time, any where with no warning. There was no cure; there were no answers 40 years ago.

I had to live with these horrific attacks on a rather regular basis. As I matured I was in a constant search for a cure without being forced to take pharmaceutical remedies. I found that chiropractic therapy began to lessen the frequency, but was not the cure all. More and more drugs became available as time passed and I at least found relief upon onset but not a cure. I feared them; they ruled my life and I was determined to find an answer to elimination. With menopause now on my side the migraine frequency increased at a rapid rate. They were stopping me from living life.

At the age of about 50 years old, I located a procedure that sounded a bit Bizarre to say the least by the name of "Neurocranial Restructuring" (NCR)

I began to locate all the information I could find about this procedure and in each step of the search the material I would read was almost as if they were writing about me.

I began to research the subject, the procedure and locate the few physicians that were trained in the application of NCR. I choose Dr. Boyer Cole who was located in Arizona.

Upon contacting his office, I was filled with even more information and such a professional and helpful staff. I lived in California at that time and made the decision and commitment to take the trip and felt confident this was the right thing to do.

Long story short: Great trip, great office protocol, great staff and Dr. Cole was a brilliant and masterful being. 4 days later, and I have been migraine free for over 4 years now, not even a twinge of a headache. The transition was a miracle. I am neither the first nor the last to be rid of this demon, I have sent others his way and they have contacted me with the same exact results.

If you have any suffering, I urge you to go... plan your trip today and say goodbye to the pain and suffering and start enjoying your freedom.

Feel free to get my number from the Great Doctor and call me any time.

Thank you from the top and bottom of my heart Dr. Cole.
Becky Starr, PhD