First Visit & Fees

What would a first office visit involve

For the initial office visit Dr. Cole will review your chief complaints and discuss your overall health and body systems. He asks that you bring in any lab or blood tests that were done with other practitioners. He also has his own comprehensive blood panel which provides valuable information for a thorough analysis. When interpreting blood work, he uses reference ranges based on a healthy population (the standard lab range includes 95% of the population) and interprets blood lab with a nutritional focus. Dr. Cole will review other doctor’s notes and lab before the visit. After a physical exam (including tongue and nail diagnosis), a health assessment and initial treatment plan will be explained. We also have forms that we ask you to fill out: an Intake Form, Health Questionnaire and Diet Diary. All these provide important information to solve your health problems, and they save you time and money.

Dr. Cole’s fees

Initial Consultation 1½ Hours – $325

Approximate hourly fees
½ hour – $130
45 min. – $160
1 hour – $190
1 1/4 hours – $230

Naturopathic Manipulation – $95

Phone consultations available