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What can a naturopathic doctor do for you?

Dr. Cole's job is to help you get well! Because we are all individuals, the causes of ill health can vary with each person. Treatments, therapies, and natural remedies are carefully applied utilizing complete laboratory testing and x-rays when appropriate. Naturopathic medicine views the body as a dynamic organism that can heal itself when given the proper environment. Read more

Preventive Medicine

“Dr. Cole’s Panel”
the biggest bang for your buck

If you would like to know more about your health, a good blood panel with detailed interpretation is an excellent approach. Dr. Cole put together this panel, which identifies common health problems. The tests are interpreted with a nutritional focus.

This panel is excellent because:
  • We recalculate the reference ranges to reflect healthy people.
  • It includes important tests not commonly run.
  • In most cases your insurance company will cover a percentage of the cost.
  • It is reasonably priced.
  • It will detect common problems such as digestive weakness, signs of parasites, hyper and hypoglycemia, heavy metal and autoimmune markers, thyroid and adrenal dysfunction, liver/gall bladder concerns, pernicious (B12) and iron anemia, infection, inflammation, heart problems, acidity, metabolic abnormalities, and more...
  • The interpretation also evaluates some vitamin and mineral deficiencies.
  • Everyone should run this panel! Prevent problems before they progress, and find the cause of existing problems.
  • You can also bring in your own lab and Dr. Cole will give you his interpretation.

When I first started seeing Dr. Cole I was tired, had long term depression, my concentration was pretty non-existent, my memory having more challenges than I liked. I was having fairly chronic back pain, trouble sleeping and frankly, my sex life had long been non-existent. Using mostly simple protocols, and always being cost conscious (a rarity among doctors) Dr. Cole gave me my life again.